Malaysia's First eSports Academy

APU eSports Malaysia Academy is a joint initiative by Esports Malaysia and APIIT Education Group as the Premier eSports education hub in promoting healthy competitive gaming within the university environment.

The Academy will play a role in building students’ character, by developing professional & essential life skills such as critical thinking, perseverance, teamwork and decision-making.

The academy strives to provide a holistic esports education which are game based courses as well as industrial based courses to nurture global ready eSports professionals to cater all spectrum of the eSports ecosystem.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

  • Develop essential skills required in competitive gaming of the subject matter and learning about the esports ecosystem.
  • Build, understand, strengthen game knowledge and introduce esports ecosystem.
  • Improve individual play styles and acquiring the right skills to become pro gaming athlete.
  • Train and maintaining game senses, reflexes and strategies.
  • Develop understanding of team dynamics, effective teamwork, sportsmanship and good play ethics.
  • Develop a range of soft skills such as discipline, leadership, perseverance, critical thinking, decision-making, problem- solving, communication and others.

Course Registration & Completion Pathways

Course Registration & Completion Pathways

Additional documents needed

  • 1x copy of your Malaysian IC / Passport
  • 1x copy of your visa document in Malaysia (for international students only)
  • 1x copy of your recent passport-size photo

Please submit the scanned copy of the completed application form and required documents to

Upon submission, our coaches will evaluate your application to determine whether you have achieved the required admission requirements. Once your application is approved, we will send you an offer letter, in which you will have to proceed to make the fees payment before the course starts

Nationwide Coverage on Malaysia's FIRST eSports Academy

Upon our launch on 23rd February 2017, we received nationwide coverage by Malaysian & International media:

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