Brand Identity

APIIT Brand of ‘Asia Pacific’ has emerged as one of the strongest brands for Higher Education. Established in 1993, APIIT has grown from strength to strength over the years and has emerged as one of Malaysia’s Largest Education Groups addressing all levels of Education.

Its brand identity is aptly represented in the use of the globe depicting APIIT’s global outlook and philosophy in the development of internationally-oriented curricula, as well as the infusion of international best practices in the delivery and quality assurance of its programmes.  The swirls around the globe intersect with Malaysia at the core, reflecting how this global outlook has enabled APIIT to attract students and staff from all over the world to Malaysia, contributing to the development of an international community of professional scholars, as a model of education in the Asia Pacific region.



APIIT Education Group is the proud recipient of
Prime Minister's Award
and Export Excellence Award (Services)
for Industry Excellence Awards - March 2011

In March 2011, The APIIT Education Group received the prestigious Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award from the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Only one organization was selected to receive the Prime Minister’s Industry Excellence Award from among nearly 30 other award recipients in 8 different categories. APIIT Education Group was also awarded Export Excellence Award (Services).

Over the years, APIIT Education Group has secured more than 400 awards at local, regional and international level. These awards serve as acknowledgements of the achievement of APIIT and our students, reaffirming our standing as being among the leading technology Institutions in Malaysia.