APU International Students Scholarships & Merit Awards 2024

APU Scholarships & Merit Awards for international students are available to new international students on first come first serve basis. As part of our continuous efforts to provide better opportunities to pursue higher education at Malaysia’s Award-Winning University, we are offering deserving & talented school leavers a wide range of fee Awards leading to rebates/discounts.

Applicants with Sports Excellence – Participation at International sporting events (Olympics, SEA Games, Youth Olympics, Asian Games, World Cups and Commonwealth Games) can be considered for the Merit Awards on a case to case basis.

The Merit Awards are fee Awards leading to rebates/discounts as follows:

This Scholarship & Merit Awards is Applicable to All Countries / Nationalities.

Scholarships & Merit Awards

Qualifications  Minimum Score in 2023/2024 Final Result APU Merit Awards  
 A-Levels AAA 30% Discount Merit Awards are awarded on a yearly basis and are renewable upon meeting minimum CGPA 3.0 at the end of each academic year.
 A-Levels AAB  20% Discount
 A-Levels ABB/AAC 10% Discount
O-Levels / IGCSE 9 A's 30% Discount
O-Levels / IGCSE 8 A's 20% Discount
O-Levels / IGCSE 6 - 7 A's  10% Discount
International Baccalaureate 37 Points 30% Discount
International Baccalaureate 31 - 36 Points 20% Discount
International Baccalaureate 26 - 30 Points 10% Discount

Conditions of the Awards

1. All Awards leading to fees rebate/discount are on a first come first serve basis and you may secure by paying Application & Processing Fees of RM 2550 (USD 580).

2. All applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements & maintain the CGPA of 3.0 in order to enjoy the Fee Awards in the subsequent years (where relevant). Failure to meet such academic requirements will result in the award being terminated/ suspended.

3. All Awards offered by APU/APIIT to any student are at the absolute discretion of the Scholarships & Merit Awards Committee.

4. Awards are limited to course/tuition fees only. All other fees & expenses including Registration Fees, Accommodation Fees, Deposits, Partners University Fees, Resit or Retake fees, living and travel expenses; as determined by the Award shall be borne by the Award holder.

5. Awards are not transferable or exchangeable for cash either in part or in full.

6. All the Award Applications must fulfil the Award Academic Entry Requirements with actual results. The University reserves the right to decide on the number of Awards to be awarded for each programme.

7. Award holders must practice exemplary behaviour and read, understand and comply with all rules, regulations and requirements as stipulated by the Rules & Regulations and Professional Code of Conduct of APU/APIIT.

8. Award holders should attend regularly, diligently and without fail all classes, lectures, tutorials and lessons required by the course or programme of study.

9. Meet all requirements pertaining to completion of assignments, projects and examinations as required by the course of study.

10. All Awards are applicable for studies at APU/APIIT in Malaysia only and are not applicable for study at overseas partner universities.

Deadline for APU International Students Scholarships & Merit Awards 2024 is Sunday, 23rd Jun 2024. We must receive the full set of documents for scholarship application on or before this date. All Scholarships & Merit Awards are on first come first serve basis.

Please fill the APU International Scholarships & Merit Awards Form online and submit to us.


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