Pre-University Studies

Choosing to study at APU means you’ll graduate more than a degree. You will be ready to progress in the profession of your choice and expand an international network. Along the way, our dedicated team of lecturers and staff will equip you with skills that are essential for personal development, that are beneficial not only for your further university studies, but also at the workplace and your future careers.

While you look forward for a better qualification to succeed your dream career after SPM/IGCSE/O-Levels, you can enrol to our APU Pre-university studies with our APU Foundation Programme or range of specialised Diploma Progammes to open the doors to degree studies. 

We also have Certificate Programmes, which cater to students who have attained at least ONE (1) Credit in SPM/ IGCSE/O-Levels and above, in which we provide you with a flexibility of choice for the programme that best suits your interested pathways to Diploma, and eventually to Degree Programme.