Research Centres

Asia Pacific Center of Robotics Engineering (APCore)

The centre focuses on conducting research and development in the area of robotic technology for practical application. Please click here for more information.
Suresh Gobee
School of Engineering
Asia Pacific Centre for Analytics (APCA)

The centre focuses on conducting research in the areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for application in industry. Please click here for more information.
Hema Latha Krishna Nair
School of Computing
Center for Research and Development of IoT (CREDIT)
The centre uses multi-technology stack laboratory facilities to focus on conducting research and development in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT). Please click here for more information.

Ir Narendran Ramasenderan
School of Engineering
Forensic and Cyber Security Research Centre (FSec)

The centre focuses on conducting  research and development in the areas of digital forensics, cyber security and privacy for practical application. Please click here for more information.
Dr Julia Binti Juremi
School of Computing
Integrated Sustainability & Urban Creativity Centre (ISUC)

ISUC is committed to the mission of cultivating “sustainable shaping and innovating” leading us to be needed by the new era. The overall goal of the research center is to establish an international, innovative, forward-looking and research-oriented world-class of think tank comprising of students and academic staff researchers with great sense of mission of the era, international perspective and native characteristics. Please click here for more information.
Dr. Stephen Poon
APU 5G Research Lab

The APU-5G research lab was established to serve as a platform for members from academia, business and industry to collaborate on 5G research to create market ready, innovative 5G technology solutions, applications and business ventures. The APU-5G research lab facilitates research at circuit, system and network level in 5G technologies and also is focused to the pathway for 6G technology to develop a powerful, faster, greener, sustainable network which will be smarter with infusion of AI, ML and Reinforcement learning.

The research lab aims at exploring the cutting edge technologies such as SDN, NFV, mm/THz Wave Band, Radio Access, Massive MIMO, D2D Communication, Ultra Densification, IoT, Big Data, Mobile Computing and fusion of AI and ML for development of 5G core and Radio Access Network Infrastructure. The developed 5G Network Infrastructure will be a platform to develop and test a range of use cases of primary, secondary and tertiary industries and business that are built on communication infrastructure. The 5G lab in association with the other research centers of APU will facilitate research in 5G network security, Network Data Collection and Analysis for Smarter 5G/6GNetwork and Highspeed Sensor Networks for Autonomous Industry.

You may visit APU Research website for more details