JPA Bursary Programme


What is JPA Program Khas Lepasan SPM Dalam Negara 2022?

Program Khas Lepasan SPM dalam negara 2022 is a convertible scholarship and are offered as a Packaged to cover the Pre-university and Undergraduate level of studies in Malaysia.
Open to SPM leavers 2021, who had achieved minimum 9A+  in SPM 2021 - Eligible Student List at JPA website.
Applicants are Not Allowed to enroll to the preparatory program with self –funding. Otherwise, the applicant will not be offered sponsorship at the undergraduate level under this scheme.
If the student refuses to continue sponsorship at the first-degree level under this scheme or does not comply with the sponsorship conditions, the student's sponsorship will be terminated with penalty imposed by JPA
Shortlisted candidates will be notified and will be required to attend Assessment Day at Student Assessment Centre (SAC) which will be informed and provided by JPA.
Eligible applicants must commence their preparatory level of studies before 31st December 2022.
Repayment of the scholarship depending on the criteria's based on student’s employment status upon graduation:
  • JPA / Public Services - 100% scholarship
  • Government Link Companies –25% repayment
  • Private Companies – 50% repayment
  • Unemployed / working abroad - 100% full repayment

Important Dates

  • Application Opening Date: 20th  June 2022
  • Application Closing Date: 26th  June 2022
  • SAC Call Review: 01st July 2022
  • SAC Period: 04th – 07th July 2022
  • Expected Result Release Date: 29th  July 2022
  • Application Link:

* Successful applicant will be notified by JPA