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More than just a university campus - it is the heart of our passion, where great minds from different parts of the world assemble.

Strategically located within Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil, the APU iconic campus is highly accessible via major highways & public transport. Designed by award-winning architects and contractors, the campus aims to provide students with a comfortable space to interact and exchange ideas. The campus features a covered "Spine" that stretches from the main entrance all the way to the far end of the Campus, which provides connectivity to the teaching blocks, courtyards, central atrium and living spaces. The central atrium space forms the central learning and social hub of the campus with large communal spaces, multipurpose hall and various other facilities like the main library, technology & engineering labs, study lounges and cooperative learning discussion rooms.

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"The academic knowledge I learnt in class was essential, but a great skillset is what most needed by most employers. APU frequently organises various workshops, seminars, practical studies, etc., which has developed my integrity, adaptability skills, curiosity towards new things, and a characteristic of a lifelong learner."
Belinda Tjahjono (Indonesia)