Tamil New Year / Vaisakhi / Pohela Boishakh Celebration 2014 @ APU

Vaisakhi has always been one of the most colourful events that have happened in APU. This year, the Indian Cultural & Youth Society (ICYS), APU Punjabi Cultural Society (APCS) and Community of Bangladeshi Students have joined hands in celebrating this festival in a largest scale that has ever happened in APU. Throughout the night, the audience, comprising lecturers, students and families, were feasted with mesmerizing performances that illustrate the culture and traditions of the Tamil, Punjabi and Bangladeshi communities in APU. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for the entire APU community. Both local and international students were present at the event to witness the diversity and color of the South Asian culture.

The event started off with the candle lighting ceremony, hosted by Mr. Anthonysamy and Mr. Ragu. A series of dances and performances went on that night; including Gatka (Sikh martial arts dance), Bhangra dance, Bharata Natyam, Bollywood dances, as well as singing performance from the students. The celebrations went on until 8pm; however, 3 hours were still not enough for students to demonstrate their culture. There are still a lot more to explore and let us hope for more in the future!