International Food Festival 2011 hosted at English Language Centre, UCTI

The biggest pleasure of wandering around an intercontinental food festival is discovering new food or customs you didn’t know about. The recent International Food Festival, which was organized by the English Language Center, was no exception.

Every month, ELC organises events for students and one of the major annual events is the International Food Festival. The recent food festival was carried out on 1st December 2011 at BBJ Exam Hall. The wonderful foods associated with the many cultures that make up our International Food Festival were all prepared by students from different nationalities who have a love for cooking and great pride in their heritage.

The main highlight of the event was food tasting. The countries were categorized into the following regions - Southeast Asia, West Asia, Central Asia, East Asia, North Africa and East Africa. Booths were set up for every region. To further assist the students, a teacher was assigned for each region so as to facilitate the students in their food preparation and arrangement. Along with the food, there were cultural music, traditional dance performances and the presentation of some famous folk songs from different parts of the world.

One of the fundamental aims of the food festival was to emphasize the different types of traditional food around the globe. Besides focusing on food, understanding the food customs and traditions of different countries was also another major objective of holding this event.

Over 300 students attended the food festival as it was promoted to all UCTI students including its staff. One of the most unique and special outcomes of the whole event was the outstanding team work and unity among students from all around the world.