Fostering Global Academic Enrichment: A Spotlight on the SIMATS Student Mobility Programme at APU


At the tertiary education level, accumulating academic experiences abroad not only contributes to students’ personal academic development, but this journey also exposes them to global and cultural awareness. This exposure possibly allows them to broaden their knowledge in their chosen field of study from a different country.

SIMATS students participated in an academic session on robotics facilitated by Ir. Dr. Ilanur Muhaini Binti Mohd Noor, lecturer of SoC (4th from right, front row).  

To provide the new generation with these advantages, the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) recently hosted 12 students from the Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences (SIMATS), a deemed university in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.

The visiting students were part of the SIMATS Student Mobility Programme, a five-day learning journey hosted by the Integrated Sustainability and Urban Creativity Centre (ISUC) at APU. The programme took place from July 24th to 28th, 2023, on APU's campus located in MRANTI Park, Bukit Jalil.

APU and SIMATS students are having fun after Session 9 - Creative Business Ideas by Ms. Cynthia Mala Paul Dorairaj (1st from left at the back row). 

Organised in collaboration with the School of Engineering (SoE) and School of Business (SoB), the mobility programme included 13 academic sessions, interactive discussions, assignments, and a campus tour. The SIMATS students were accompanied by their lecturer, Dr. S. Christy Melwyn, throughout the student exchange and learning programme.

Khoo Lay Yang, Project Management Leader of the ISUC Student Chapter, stated, "The SIMATS Student Mobility Programme offered an intensive learning experience focused on the intersection of technology and sustainability. It encompassed a series of informative academic sessions and hands-on activities that deeply engaged the participants."

SIMATS Student Mobility Programme offered an intensive learning experience focused on the intersection of technology and sustainability. 

Assisting Khoo was Sai Htoo Myat Niang, the Project Management Deputy Leader, who played a pivotal role in hosting the visiting students. Both Khoo and Sai are APU students pursuing the Diploma in Information & Communication Technology with a specialisation in Software Engineering, and the Foundation of Business and Finance programme, respectively.

According to Khoo, APU's lecturers from SoE and SoB facilitated the 13 academic sessions spanning five days.

The theme of the first day was Technology and Sustainability. The inaugural academic session delved into the mathematical concept of "Fuzzy Logic," led by Dr. Vazeerudeen Hameed. Another session on "Ergonomics" was delivered by Dr. Stephen Poon.

On Day 2, sessions on IoT and Communication included "Robotics and Arduino Programming" and "IoT for Consumer Applications," delivered by a guest lecturer from UPM, and APU’s Dr. Chandrasekaharan Nataraj, who explained the concept of the Internet of Things.

Day 3 featured a session led by Ir. Narendran Ramasendran involving drones and the Mbot in an interactive activity. This was followed by "IoT Smart Cities: Opportunities and Challenges" by Associate Professor Dr. Raed Mohammed, where participants explored practical applications and implications of IoT technology.

Participants with the facilitator of session 6 – IoT and Digital Twin.

The following day began with a session by Ir. Jacqueline Lukose on "Design Thinking for Engineers," followed by Ms. Cynthia Paul's session focusing on creative business ideas and the integration of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The day concluded with Ir. Jacqueline Lukose’s SWOT analysis and tactical thinking techniques.

The finale revolved around design thinking with Ir. Jacqueline Lukose leading sessions on various topics. During these sessions, participants presented their final projects and received valuable feedback from judges.

SIMATS students cheerfully concluded their student exchange and learning programme at APU. Here SIMATS team is having a group picture with APU lecturers. Front row from left to right -  Dr. Mukil Alagirisamy, Dr. S. Christy Melwyn, Dr. Sathish Kumar Selva Perumal, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Siva Kumar Sivanesan, Ir. Ts. Dr. Yvette Shaan-Li Susiapan, Ir. Jacqueline Lukose, Khoo Lay Yang, and Sai Htoo Myat Niang at the 1st right back row. 

Lastly, the SIMATS Student Mobility Programme, a testament to the integration of technology and sustainability in education, concluded with group photos, a closing ceremony, and a bittersweet farewell.