ESG & Sustainability Events – Activities @ APU

We take pride in our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices and sustainability. From engaging workshops and awareness campaigns to hands-on initiatives, our ESG-focused events are thoughtfully curated to address global challenges, empowering our students and staff with practical knowledge and skills to effect meaningful change.

Prof. Dr. Abtar Darshan Singh, our Professor of Innovative Digital Learning at APU, is the first academic from a private university in Malaysia to be appointed as the UNESCO Chair on Harnessing Innovations in Technology to Support Teachers and Quality Learning.

Under her direction, the video below features a series of projects that showcase the potential of technology to transform teaching and learning.
By coming together in these purpose-driven endeavors, we believe in creating a ripple effect that extends far beyond our campus, positively impacting communities and inspiring a sustainable mindset worldwide.

Some other notable projects undertaken by APU are listed as follows:

TOGETHER Towards Sustainable Communities:

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  • APU Energy Conservation Program  - click HERE
  • APU Water Conservation Program  - click HERE
  • APU Recycling Program  - click HERE
  • APU Transportation Policy - click HERE
  • APU Life on Land Conversation  - click HERE
  • APU Environment and Climate Change Policy - click HERE
  • APU Sustainable Procurement Policy - click HERE
  • APU Sustainable Investment Policy - click HERE
  • APU Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy - click HERE
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