APU Energy Conservation Program

APU is committed in promoting energy conservation through awareness raising, as well as the adoption of energy efficient technologies through its campus programs and practices.

Building Orientation - the construction of the building has also considered on the rising and setting of the sun, to minimize the areas impacted by direct sunlight.

Daylighting – Natural and Artificial - Is designed to obtain 50% of its daylight needs from natural lighting. The crown of the building is a ‘Yacht Main Sail Dome’ skylight made from ‘’Sperry Fabric Architecture’’. Located within the Center Point space diffuse the daylight to provide even and glare-free daylight for the offices and cafeteria around the atrium.

The glass façade is installed with low-emissivity glass (low-e glass) that is reflective on the outside, allowing daylight into the building and minimizing heat from the sun.

A split window design for all exterior facades together with an internal light shelf helps to redirect natural light into the depths of the working space.

Energy-efficient lighting such as LED fluorescent tubes are used throughout the building instead of the conventional T8 fluorescent tubes. Integration with daylight/nightlight timer/sensors enable the artificial lighting to be switched off when daylight is adequate, resulting in energy savings.

A height roof allows light trough is incorporated to bring in sufficient daylight to illuminate the student services area at the level 3.

Spine Sharp Building - External facade is the only face of the building exposed to direct sunray (face of the building) which allows self-shading for the internal blocks, protection from direct sun rays into the building resulting in a larger area for protected footprint which allows direct t cooling with natural trough ventilation.

Open Perimeter Car Park Area - located at level 1 and 2 serves as a void space which provides natural ventilation to the parking area at level 1 and 2. A roof light trough is incorporated to bring in sufficient daylight to illuminate the lounge area at the seventh floor.

Insulated Roof - to reduce heat absorption in the building, the roof top area is insulated using Rock Wool with a thickness of 50mm inclusive of sisalation sheet. Product of choice in metal roof applications as the foil-paper composition reduces the level of noise generated in metal roofs, thereby improving the acoustic ambience of the home.

Other Initiatives & Campaigns Undertaken

  • Notices by light switches to remind staff and students to save energy and to turn off unwanted lights.
  • Turning off light after the completion of meetings/classes.
  • Email notification to staff to ensure that all PCs and equipment are turned off during public holidays and long weekends.
  • Replace traditional lighting with energy efficient LED and T5 fluorescent lighting in classrooms and offices.
  • Incorporation motion detector lighting and timed lighting in halls and corridors.

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