Wrisie Chatbot Wins Silver Awards At I-RIA 2022

The educational system on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) developed for the Introduction to AI module assignment was chosen as a Top 3 winner because it benefits society, especially junior doctors and hospital assistants

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) can make it difficult for a person to move their hands and wrists, especially if they are elderly, while young adults think they will never have it.
But exactly what is CTS? The median nerve, which is responsible for sensation in the thumb and first three fingers, travels through a natural passageway in the wrist. The carpal tunnel is formed by the arch-shaped wrist bones and a connecting ligament.
Pregnancy, injury, arthritis, and changes in the tendons caused by repetitive motion can all crowd the already narrow tunnel and put pressure on the nerve. This increased pressure can cause tingling in the fingers and thumb, as well as numbness, pain, and restricted movement.
This set of symptoms is known as the CTS. When the operative field is completely numb, the surgeon will make an incision.
Skin and other tissue will be carefully removed to expose the carpal ligament, after which the surgeon will cut the ligament, relieving pressure on the nerve that runs beneath it, and finally close the incision with fine sutures, a sterile bandage will be applied, and a splint will be placed to prevent the wrist from moving while healing occurs.
According to the most recent research, 72% of the general public has little understanding of CTS, 76.5% are unaware of its signs and symptoms, and the number of people affected by CTS is growing by the day.

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition in which the median nerve that runs through your palm, wrist, and bottom of your hand becomes compressed or irritated — leading to pain, numbness, and tingling in your fingers and hand.
Our Computer Science with a specialism in Data Analytics students Lai Hui Chee and Wong Kit Yee created a Wrisie Chatbot that provides CTS education as a preventive measure.
The CTS educational system was created for the Introduction to AI module assignment and was selected as one of the top three winners in the Innovative Research, Invention and Application Exhibition (I-RIA) 2022 because it benefits society, especially junior doctors, and hospital assistants.
The I-RIA 2022 is a platform for young inventors from primary school to university students to showcase their innovations organised by the School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) College of Arts and Sciences.
I-RIA-themed ‘Humanizing Today’s Technology for Resilient Future’ brings together ideas, inspiration, and a platform for students to build networking, partnerships, and opportunities to collaborate with the industry.
This is APU's first time competing in this competition, and Ts Dr Vinothini Kasinathan and Ms Nur Amira Abdul Majid sent only one 'girl power' team equipped with their AI module assignment.
“We named our chatbot Wrisie because CTS is a wrist syndrome. We began working on the chatbot in December 2021. Following assignment submission, we enhanced our chatbot once more and finally brought it to I-RIA 2022.
“We are overjoyed to have received a Silver award in the first trial. We totally did not expect that, but we put our best effort into building this system,” said Lai Hui Chee and Wong Kit Yee.

Wrisie's chat interface also includes CTS training and videos to help users understand better, as well as some basic exercises.
Wrisie chatbot, according to both of them, is introduced to serve as a medical consultant on CTS knowledge for the general public, particularly CTS sufferers.
Wrisie includes numerous valuable materials for users to gain a thorough understanding of CTS, as well as various solutions, suggestions, and routines that CTS sufferers may follow when their CTS symptoms become severe. 
Topic paths that provide various CTS information, such as the Introduction path, Symptom’s path, and Quiz path, as well as paths that smoothen the conversation, such as the Welcome new user path, Default Message path, and Topic Selection path, are created.
Each path connects a variety of nodes in the proper order to send messages with or without options, images, videos, and carousels. When a new user first interacts with the chatbot or an existing user requests a username change, the request user data node is used to collect the username and save it in the Name attribute. 
As a result, the name can be used in future conversations. Trigger path nodes are used at the end of paths. Most topic paths will be triggered to the Topic selection path, whereas the Topic selection path will be triggered to a topic path based on the user's choice.
I-RIA 2022 was inaugurated by Dato Wira Dr Ku Abd Rahman Ku Ismail, Chairman of the Kedah State Committee of Science, Technology, and Innovation, as well as Mr Fazrul Izwan Hassan, Enterprise Technology Architect of Maybank Berhad.