We Talked Movies in APU - Media Talk by Redza Minhat

On the 14th of February 2015 (Saturday), several APU Media students successfully planned and organized a Media talk and Q&A session for APU students of all faculties. The talk was aimed at bringing up-to-date, real-world knowledge and experience from a media industry professional. It gave the Media students a glimpse of what awaits them after graduation.

The talk was headlined by Mr. Redza Minhat, an award-winning Malaysian scriptwriter and actor. Mr. Minhat kept the audience enthralled with his off-the-cuff observations about Malaysia's creative industry. He also shared his experiences working on three Malaysian theatrical movies, as well as lessons he learned from those experiences.


The event was originally planned to be a fulfilment of an assignment for a module, but blossomed into an initiative designed to benefit all APU students. The success of organizing such an event with such a small core team, perfectly showcased the versatility and determination of APU's media students.

Congratulations and thumbs up to the students for their tireless effort in organising this meaningful event!