Transformative Workshops in Psychology at APU for Nurturing Innovation

Faculty and students at the School of Psychology (SoP), Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), embarked on an enriching learning journey in mid-March through two consecutive workshops.
On 14th March, the School’s Programme Leader, Dr Zhooriyati Sehu Mohd, orchestrated a workshop titled The Case Study Method in Psychological Research. This engaging session featured esteemed speakers, Professor Dr Muhammad Kamal Uddin and Dr Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin, who brought their expertise to the discussion.
Continuing the momentum on 15th March, another workshop, AI-Powered Psychology Research Writing, delved into the integration of artificial intelligence into research proposal and report writing. Dr Zhooriyati and Psychology Lecturer, Ms Izzati Md Bashir, facilitated this session, offering participants insights into innovative approaches.

These workshops not only expanded students' comprehension of the case study method but also encouraged critical evaluation of its applicability in academia and beyond. Additionally, they facilitated vibrant exchanges, empowering attendees to harness AI as a valuable tool in their scholarly pursuits.

During the first workshop, Prof Dr Muhammad Kamal Uddin shared invaluable insights derived from his extensive academic journey, emphasising the significance of the case study method in understanding complex psychological phenomena. Dr Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin added an interdisciplinary perspective, highlighting the broader applications of case study research.

In the second workshop, participants explored AI tools tailored for psychology research, gaining practical knowledge on leveraging technology to enhance their academic endeavours. These sessions underscored the importance of embracing technological advancements in academia.

Feedback from participants highlighted the effectiveness of the workshops in enhancing their research skills. Paria Abkhezr, a first-year Psychology student, expressed gratitude for the clarity gained on qualitative research methods. Similarly, Kiarha Rubbinunan, a third-year student, praised the hands-on approach and the insights into tool usage.

“Attending the workshop on the case study method in psychological research left me with a clear understanding of how to utilise qualitative research methods effectively in my future endeavours. This experience has undoubtedly equipped me with the tools and knowledge necessary to enhance my research approach,” said Paria Abkhezr.

Kiarha Rubbinunan added, “The workshop showed the correct and most effective way to navigate and use AI tools for academic purposes. Our lecturers also made an effort to help us follow along on our own devices and conducted hands-on activities for us to try out the tools ourselves and explore their capabilities and limitations.

The faculty members of the School of Psychology, from left: Ms Izzati Mohd Bashir, Ms Amirah Husna Mohamad Hata Ab, Ms Dhevaania C. Gendsen, and Dr Zhooriyati Sehu Mohamad.
As APU is recognised as a Premier Digital Tech Institution (PDTI), these workshops exemplify its commitment to integrating technology into teaching and learning. With a focus on innovation, the School of Psychology promises more empowering workshops and events in the future. Stay tuned for further advancements in the realm of psychology at APU!