The Lost Food Project & APU - Tackling Food Waste, Feeding the Underprivileged


Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and The Lost Food Project Association, also known as The Lost Food Project (TLFP), have joined hands in a significant partnership to tackle the pressing issue of food waste and feeding the needy. 

Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan (2nd from left) and Mr. Ariffin Buranudeen exchanged the signed documents, flanked by Ms. Cynthia Paul (left) and Ms. Rossin Bassi (right). 

“The collaboration was formalised on August 29, 2023, through an MoA signed by Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice Chancellor of APU; and Mr. Ariffin Buranudeen, CEO of TLFP, witnessed by Ms. Cynthia Paul, ISUC Student Chapter Advisor, Dr. Stephen Poon, Head of ISUC, as well as the ISUC Student Chapter Team, and Ms. Rossin Bassi, Head of Operations of TLFP.”

TLFP is a Malaysian non-profit organisation dedicated to preventing quality, nutritious food from going to landfills and redistributing it to those in need, regardless of their background.

Under this partnership, facilitated by APU’s Integrated Sustainability & Urban Creativity Centre (ISUC), both parties will educate volunteers on using leftover or excess produce to create sellable items and impart this knowledge to the B40 community, thereby generating sustainable income for the underprivileged.

Training for volunteers on composting and biomass utilisation with overripe produce will be facilitated by APU Engineering students. Besides, assistance will be offered to help lower-income communities with financial planning and tracking. APU students will teach marketing techniques and tools to the B40 community.

There will be a First In First Out (FIFO) method implemented to minimize waste and create an efficient inventory management process. To further empower the B40 group, the signatories of this MoA will cultivate herbs and vegetables in recycled containers to generate income for this community. 

Last but not least, both parties will organise competitions, campaigns, and awareness programmes involving schools, community members, and the B40 community to find innovative ways to utilise excess produce.

Under this agreement, both APU and TLFP commit to collaborating on these initiatives for the betterment of society. Students and staff from APU will actively participate in the programme, contributing their expertise and knowledge.

Additionally, APU and TLFP have identified several other partners for collaboration, including Soroptimist International Club of Shah Alam, Bites n Brew, YTL International College of Hotel Management (YTL-ICHM), and Triple T Two Train Track Enterprise (Datin Jamilah and Fatin).

A group photo of representatives and staff from both APU and TLFP after the MoA signing ceremony at the Senate Room of the APU managerial office. 

By formalising this partnership, APU and TLFP are taking a significant step toward reducing food waste and improving the well-being of underserved communities, whilst supporting sustainable initiatives and goals.