Summer Camp Communicative Workshop

As part of our July Summer Camp, the Asia Pacific Language Centre (APLC) conducted an interactive workshop for the Summer Camp 2017 students at the APU campus. The workshop was conducted over and above the Intensive English Programme the students were attending.

The objective of the workshop was to give the students an opportunity to express themselves in the English language in an unintimidating, non-exam environment. Several activities were carried out for the students according to their levels of proficiency, such as Role-Play, Fluency through Practice, Public Speaking and Debate is Fun.


We are glad to share that the students responded well to the activities. They overcame their shyness, gained confidence to speak and mixed well with students from different nations, like Bahrain, Korea, Japan, China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Laos. Teachers, meanwhile, reported that there was much enthusiasm and interaction among the students. This was gathered from students who approached the teachers to express their delight in being involved in such fun and encouraging activities.

The Summer Camp workshop has indeed fulfilled its objectives and was a success!