'Suara Nusantara' Concert @ APU

On the beautiful evening of 15th May 2014 (Thursday), APU students from 3 nations, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, joined hands to organise a spectacular concert, which demonstrated the culture and history of the Malay archipelago. Supported by the Ministry of Art and Culture (Jabatan Kebudayaan & Kesenian Malaysia – JKKN), this event was highly anticipated by the APU community, which can be seen through the significantly high amount of sales achieved by the pre-event booths, which sold traditional Indonesian and Malay foods.

The Deputy Chief Director of National Department for Culture & Art – Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, Tuan Haji Mesran bin Mohd Yusop, has arrived in APU to officiate and witness the success of the event. Together with him were the Attaché (Education & Culture) from the Brunei Embassay in Malaysia, Dk Hjh Jabaidah Pg Hj Sulaiman, as well as APU’s Vice President of Operations, Gurpardeep Singh. A series of dances and performances then took place; which had entertained around 300 staff and students during the night.

Throughout the concert, the unique culture of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia were displayed through a huge variety of performances, such as the Caklempong music performance, demonstrated by the team from SMK Pendeta Zaba, Negeri Sembilan. Other performances which were presented by the APU Malay Culture Society, APU Music Club, Line Dance Funk, Indonesian Society and Bruneian Society, including the Zapin dance, Ronggeng and Singing Performances, have received waves and waves of applause from the audience for their mesmerizing efforts. The renowned Saman dance which was originated from Acheh, Indonesia, has mesmerized the audience with the amazing cooperation and teamwork demonstrated that night.

It was a successful concert; by now, the APU Community has definitely increased some knowledge and understanding of the culture of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Thumbs up to all performers who dedicated their time and effort in preparing for the entire concert.