Safiqs Joined Hands with CIMB in CIMB Be$Mart Program

In order to provide students with a holistic and practical overview of the necessary components of sound financial management, the APU School of Accounting, Finance and Quantitative Studies (SAFIQS) joined hands with CIMB Foundation to organise the CIMB Be$mart Program, that took place in APU last month.

As part of the program, 60 students competed in an investment game. At the beginning of the game, each team was given RM500,000 and they were entitled to invest in different types of properties, unit trusts and equities. The team that was left with the most amount eventually became the winner. Among all teams, Team Wow emerged as the champion and each member won a Private Retirement Scheme for themselves! The members of Team Wow are:

  1. Wong Kar Yi (TP043942)
  2. Deiviya A/P Gunasekaran (TP043672)
  3. Alia binti Abdul Aziz (TP039226)
  4. Lavia Anak Stephen Budin TP038991
  5. Liew Jin Hong TP046090
  6. Jeslyn Goh Chye Ying TP046235
  7. Nur Atiqah Ardila Binti Mohd Nazri TP043831
  8. Adawiah binti Mohd Sakri TP039206
  9. Law Weng Kei TP046184

The 2 day program was certainly a useful program and it has benefited our students by exposing them towards future financial planning opportunities. Congratulations to Team Wow and Kudos to the lecturers from SAFIQS for co-organizing this meaningful program.