PyGeek Conference @ APU

A team of 10 PyGeeks from PyCademy arrived at APU on the 15th of April to hold a free and exclusive Python Conference within the APU compounds. The rationale of this conference being held is that to expose APU students towards one of the emerging programming languages in the world, the Python programming language. Topics such as the history, philosophy, concepts and features of the programming language have been discussed in the session. Participants were also invited for a hands-on session where they had the opportunity to create their first Python Application, PyCharm, under the guidance of the speakers from PyCademy.

The conference was held for 3 hours from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. 113 participants, mainly students from the Computing and IT school, have seized the opportunity to catch up with this fast spreading programming language, which is currently widely used by Google, Youtube, NASA, Yahoo! Groups, Walt Disney and other worldwide corporations. It will definitely benefit them in terms of expanding their knowledge in the IT industry, thus increasing opportunities in their future career as well.

Students were given a chance to voice out their questions and resolve queries during the conference