Outstanding Performance by APUMUN Delegates

We are pleased to share that students from Asia Pacific University Model United Nations Club (APUMUN) participated at the Sunway Model United Nations Conference from the 19th to 21st June 2015 and stood out as award winning delegates in various categories.

Aiman Hoque won the Best Delegate Award for the Ancient Roman Senate. Aiman and delegates from other universities and international schools were introduced to the Roman Republic system. As a member of the Roman Senate during the 218BC, Aiman managed to lead the Roman Empire and come up with strategies to win the 2nd Punic War against Carthage.

Muhammad Ali won the Most Outstanding Delegate for the Palestinian- Israeli Joint Council for Peace where he came up with brilliant resolutions and managed to find allies from other nations to solve the problems that Palestine and Israel have been facing for decades.

Kevin Andgreas was awarded the honourable mention title for the United Nations General Assembly. The United Nations General Assembly, the most versatile of councils, required delegates to tackle a wide variety of pressing global issues with far-reaching implications such as climate change and how to reduce its effects in the future. Kevin exhibited his debating skills and managed to get other countries to vote for more environmental policies to be introduced around the world to reduce the effects of climate change.

Kevin Andgreas also won the best delegate award at the TENBY MUN conference which was held on the 13th and 14th of June. He won the best delegate award for the UN Security Council where he was able to negotiate and de-escalate tensions to avert a nuclear disaster by respecting and working together with other nations.