Math Galactica 2023 - Exploring the Infinite Universe of Mathematics!


The School of Mathematics, Actuarial & Quantitative Studies (SoMAQS) organised a week-long Math GALActica 2023 extravaganza of mathematical games and riddles at the end of May, where the participants dove into a captivating universe of numbers and equations, exploring the fascinating applications of mathematics in our everyday lives.

This year's event witnessed an overwhelming response, with over 1000 participants joining the event, which featured a line-up of engaging games and informative forums/talks that captivated the imaginations of all involved.

To kickstart the event, the organiser hosted the Wheel of Names game during the Opening Ceremony. It was a delightful experience as it bestowed six prizes upon the fortunate winners, setting a tone of excitement and anticipation for the days ahead.

Let's take a closer look at the games and forums/talks that were conducted:

1. Math Multiverse: Participants embarked on a journey through various mathematical concepts intertwined with our multiverse, challenging their problem-solving skills and numerical agility.

2. Cosmic Battle: A thrilling game that pitted participants against each other in a battle of mathematical wits. Strategies, quick thinking, and logical reasoning were put to the test as participants engaged in epic mathematical warfare.

3. Galaxy Grids: This game challenged participants to navigate complex grids using mathematical principles. Through meticulous calculations and critical thinking, participants unravelled the mysteries of the galaxy.

4. AstroGraphy: An exploration of the fascinating relationship between mathematics and celestial bodies. Participants discovered the beauty of space through mathematical lenses, connecting equations with cosmic wonders.

5. Quantum Quest: This game delved into the enigmatic realm of quantum mathematics. Participants dived into a world of probabilities, entanglement, and quantum algorithms, sharpening their mathematical prowess.

6. Everything Everywhere, all is Maths: A mind-bending game that reveals the omnipresence of mathematics in our surroundings. Participants explored how math influences architecture, nature, art, and technology, fostering a deeper appreciation for its ubiquity.

7. Galactic Guardians: A collaborative game that united participants in a quest to protect the galaxy through mathematical problem-solving. Teamwork, communication, and analytical thinking were key to overcoming challenges.

Additionally, the School organised two enlightening forums/talks, where renowned experts shared their insights and knowledge on cutting-edge mathematical advancements. These sessions sparked thoughtful discussions and further expanded the horizons of our participants.

Math GALActica 2023 would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the dedicated organising committee, led by Ms Noraimah Farah (Project Director), together with SOMAQS lecturers, enthusiastic participants, and the support from APU. 

The School eagerly look forward to future endeavours that continue to inspire a love for mathematics and its infinite possibilities. Stay tuned for upcoming events that will further engage and challenge our math enthusiasts.