Linux Technology Solutions Workshop Draws in Crowds

The Corporate Training unit of APIIT, in collaboration with eACT Technologies Sdn Bhd, held a 2-day Linux Technology Solutions Workshop on 31 May and 1 June 2005 at APIIT TPM campus.

The objective of the workshop was to raise awareness on the use of Linux as a development environment within all platforms ranging from small-scale embedded systems to large-scale enterprise systems.

Speakers from several companies such as IBM, Windriver and Redhat presented papers about technologies that support development of solutions on Linux platforms. In addition, the vendors showcased their products during the workshop, where a hands-on programme entitled "Linux Kernel Internals and Device Drivers" was launched.

Dr. Nor Aliah Bt Mohd Zahri, Project Director of The Malaysian Public Sector Open Source Competency Center (OSCC), gave a talk about Malaysian Government's Open Source initiatives, and Prof. David Hacken from Indiana University presented his paper on Open Source platforms.

This workshop focused on the latest trend and development in the Open Source and Linux arena as well as tools, projects, and related research areas in enterprise and embedded space. Industry leaders who are dedicated to Open Source and Linux marketplace also shared valuable market research, hands-on experience and knowledge to help attendees identify how Open Source computing can be applied to achieve organisational objectives.

Topics that were covered during the presentations included:

  • Linux transformation - Workbench for Linux projects
  • Developing GUI for Linux
  • Creating powerful Thin Client systems
  • Linux training and device driver internals
  • RedHat Linux for enterprise projectsLinux technology sessions

The event attracted more than 150 participants who represented multinationals, local conglomerates, government agencies, public universities and institutions of higher learning. With the excellent feedback from participants, APIIT and eACT are looking at more activities in Wireless/ZIGBEE/WiMax and Automation Segment areas in Malaysia, and will be expanding these activities to India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.