Gearing Up for the Digital Future


APU is preparing students for a dynamic career in the digital industry

Digital marketing tops the list of most in-demand jobs.

Digitalisation is no mere buzzword. The reliance on technology skyrocketed in the post-pandemic era, with workforce disruptions leading companies to revolutionise their businesses, particularly in customer experience (CX).

Businesses across all industries are leveraging advanced technologies ranging from chatbots, and artificial intelligence (AI) to machine learning (ML) to enhance CX, but humanising the digital experience makes all the difference.

It then comes as no surprise why digital marketing now ranks as one of the most in-demand jobs in the world.

In Malaysia alone, the digital economy is expected to contribute 22.6% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), with the government aiming to create half a million jobs in the digital sphere by 2025.

Holistic education at APU features an amalgamation of digital technologies and human-centric skills

The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) understands the need to cultivate talent needed for this fast-growing industry and to provide them with an edge to remain competitive. 

APU’s BA (Hons) in Marketing Management with a specialism in Digital Marketing, will equip a whole generation of students with the essential tools and knowledge to meet challenges in the areas of e-business management, e-commerce and digital marketing.

Utilising a holistic education approach, APU weaves relevant technological elements with human-centric skills, including being able to truly connect with consumers by harnessing empathy and creating engaging, relatable content and brand stories.

A fundamental part of the course, apart from understanding how advanced technologies like AI and ML can aid both real-time responsiveness and support broader marketing initiatives, lies in expanding students’ horizons in different areas of business.

APU’s BA (Hons) in Marketing Management with a specialism in Digital Marketing will cover a broad range of areas.

“As future digital marketing experts, APU students are exposed to appropriate digital marketing tools and techniques to stay updated with the evolving digital marketing trends, while having a basic understanding of business, management, entrepreneurship and marketing theories,” said APU’s School of Marketing and Management Head Associate Professor Dr. Devinder Kaur.

Dr. Devinder also added that businesses which do not invest in digital marketing will fail to reach their customers effectively. “As more businesses are trying to stay relevant and competitive in the digital marketplace, the demand for digital marketing professionals will increase tremendously over time.”   

The course is fully accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) – the gold standard in digital marketing certification.

With this accreditation, APU students have an option to sign-up for the DMI Student Membership, granting them access to a wide range of valuable resources, including exclusive industry-focused short courses, webinars, articles, toolkits, careers guidance and networking opportunities with its 190,000 global members. 

APU offers an ideal training ground for students to engage with the international community, especially at Centre Point – the communal space on campus.

After completing the programme, APU students will graduate with CDMA (Certified Digital Marketing Associate) issued by DMI. Additionally, they will also be awarded a dual degree certificate from both APU and its partner university in the UK – De Montfort University (DMU), to further enhance career opportunities both locally and internationally. 

The BA (Hons) in Marketing Management with a specialism in Digital Marketing, is, however,  just one of many digital industry-relevant degrees offered at APU. 

Other equally high-quality programmes include a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, E-Business, Digital Leadership, Marketing Management, Digital Transformation and Digital Advertising – all of which are also accredited by DMI. 

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