APU Town Hall with Student: How Will APU Help You in Your Startup Journey?

Have you ever dreamt of starting your own startup one day? Did you ever wonder where and how you should start? Does one really have to reach a certain age to be an entrepreneur?<br /> <br /> Enterprise@APU is proud to invite our Entrepreneur-In-Residence (EIR) , Mr. Dash Dakshinamoorthy, who is also the founder of Startup Malaysia to be with us on Monday, 9 August at 12.30pm to provide you an insight into a journey that you may want to embark on!<br /> <br /> Agenda:<br /> • Introduction by Prof. Vinesh<br /> • Sharing by Mr. Dash:<br /> a) What is Enterprise@APU?<br /> b) Why Enterprise@APU?<br /> b) Types of startups (business, non-business, tech and non-tech)<br /> d) What is the journey of the startup within APU?<br /> • Q & A