APU Taekwondo Club Excels at the 5th Kepong Open Taekwondo Competition!

We are delighted to announce that APU Taekwondo Club has obtained outstanding results in the 5th Kepong Open Taekwondo Competition, which has taken place on the 20th of April (Sunday). It was a brilliant achievement as more than half of the members who participated in this competition received an award for their outstanding demonstration of Taekwondo skills. Their efforts made have been recognized; as the team was awarded with 10 Bronze, 5 Silver and 1 Gold medals.

This competition, organized by New Gen Taekwondo Club, attracted the participation of national players and state players as well. It was a challenging process for our APU Taekwondo Club members to fight duels with these experienced players. However, with ultimate effort and persistence, APU Taekwondo Club has proven that they are on par with these excellent players, and will continue to strive for their best in the future. Junior members who attended this event definitely had an eye opener, as they witnessed the diligence of their seniors, and have set them as a role models to continue to excel in their future participations.

Do join us in congratulating our students for their outstanding achievements, and let us hope for them to achieve more outstanding results in the future competitions! Thumbs up to APU Taekwondo Club!