APU School of Foundation (SoF) Bids Farewell to 2014 Together With Refugee Kids

After participating in a Refugee Teaching Programme, a group of School of Foundation (SoF) students further volunteered to help the asylum-seekers to perform at the Royale Bintang Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on the 24th December 2014. The SoF students assisted about 30 refugee kids in staging their own musical performance with the aid of the founder of the Refugee School, Ms.Lee. These are completely not part of their usual routine for both the refugee kids and our SoF students; however a great way of engaging students regardless of who they are in building their skills and capacities.

The volunteers managed the project during the year end break which is the only time the campus and most of the students take a breather. Despite the children’s bleak past experience and current challenges, they strived very hard to showcase their resourcefulness, creativity and talent to impress the crowd on the day of the event. SoF students collaborated with the founder to train the children to sing in English language and choreographed dance moves for the songs they sung. Most of the children are from countries where English is a foreign language and almost unheard; however confidently sang in English language and spiced it up even further with hilarious dance moves. SoF students find the project to be a great way of promoting non-discriminatory access for all children to strengthened their capabilities and talent. The children, who have been spending almost their entire childhood away from home were in abundance of joy to be given the opportunity to exhibit their talent as singers and dancers on a stage being witnessed by hundreds of guests. A big round of applause to the volunteers for inspiring and nurturing the young minds – it was a rewarding moment for them!

We are absolutely proud of the students’ efforts in bringing joy to the needy. We look forward to more charitable activities taken part by our staff and students in the future.