APU Holds Record-Breaking Mega Career Fair Offering Over 10,000 Job and Internship Opportunities


The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) held its annual Mega Career Fair, AMCF 23, on 14 June 2023, setting new records by providing more than 10,000 job and internship opportunities to its students. The event saw the participation of 151 employers, including those from Singapore, Romania, and Finland, making it the most robust, dynamic, and international career fair to date.

The Career Centre of APU deployed three floors for a venue setting hosting more than 550 human resources practitioners manning booths in its annual Mega Career Fair, AMCF 23.

AMCF 23 took place across three floors at APU's iconic campus in Mranti Park (Technology Park), Bukit Jalil, and was organised by the university’s Career Centre. Mr. Hariharan, the Lead of Industry Outreach & Corporate Training at APU, shared, "This year, we received an overwhelming response from employers wishing to join APU Mega Career Fair. As we did not wish to disappoint these employers, we, therefore, decided for the first time to extend the booth setups to three floors on our campus."

The fair attracted more than 550 human resource and industry practitioners manning the employer booths. 

Over 6,000 APU students attended the fair including those who were soon to graduate. More than 200 graduating students were given job offers on the spot, with the numbers still growing at the time of writing.

During this year’s career fair, APU also collaborated closely with the Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) to organise interview sessions with employers on the second day of the fair. MDEC had also arranged for students from a number of other Malaysian universities to also attend these interview sessions. 

Over 150 employers participated in AMCF 23, offering close to 6,000 full-time job opportunities and 4,000 internship placements, all eagerly sought after by the swarming applicants

Ms. Nor Ayu Ahmad, HR Manager for Human Resources Business Partner of Mercedes-Benz Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., emphasised, "As we at Mercedes-Benz Tech Malaysia are in the digitalisation, and the nature of our business is providing software solutions for Mercedes-Benz Group around the globe, so there is important for us to find talents as many as possible. Our main position is a full-stack developer, from junior until senior level, and we find APU is among the best universities in supplying us with these graduates!"

Mercedes-Benz Tech Innovation, which develops technological innovations, digital products, and advanced software solutions exclusively for Mercedes-Benz, made its debut at AMCF 23.

For students seeking internships and job opportunities, they were impressed with the event. Mohd. Zawawi Abdunrosaeh, a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Intelligent Systems) student, opined, "With more hiring companies coming into the campus, students like me can explore the opportunities available in terms of the offers, benefits, and working environment of each company offered."

Students are impressed with AMCF 23 because there are ample opportunities to secure a full-time job as well as an internship.

Mohammad Fitri Amiruddin, a University Malaya student, expressed his excitement about the job opportunities at APU Mega Career Fair. "Congratulations to APU for organizing a large-scale career fair, and hopefully, my efforts today will bear fruit," he said.

Liu Koh En, studying BA (Hons) in Business Management with a specialisation in E-Business at APU, rated the event 4-star out of 5. "This is because I hope APU can include more organisations that offer business positions as a majority of the companies here today are looking for IT-related positions."

Students from APU and beyond seeking internships and job opportunities visit the booths at AMCF 23 to explore the opportunities available. 

However, for Year-2 Business Management students like Sameera Kaleem from India, Mozhdeh Alsharfar from Iran, and Nagham Abu Ali from Palestine, the APU Mega Career Fair provided fantastic opportunities for industrial training and internships, preparing them for future employment in their home countries. “I sent over ten applications to MSC companies in Malaysia because I want to find a job in India that is related to the experience I gained during my industrial training or internship here in Malaysia,” said Sameera.


Concluding the fruitful event, Mr. Gurpardeep Singh, Chief Operating Officer of APU, remarked, "AMCF 23 attracted more than 150 organisations offering close to 6,000 full-time employment opportunities to our students. This represents an increase of more than 30% as compared to the previous year!"

An APU student confidently presented himself during the on-the-spot job interview at AMCF 23, testifying to APU's ability to transform students into highly employable, competent, and future-proof professionals.

Mr. Gurpardeep added, "The event received an overwhelming response from our students who enthusiastically engaged with the employer representatives. More than 1,000 interviews were held on campus, and on-the-spot job offers were also made. This is a clear indication of how strongly sought-after APU graduates are. It was also very heartening to see amongst the employers a number of our alumni present to recruit our students. We are also excited that MDEC had worked with us this time around".

Overall, the COO found that this year's fair was a resounding success and provides a very strong impetus for all APU's staff to continue doing what they do best in transforming students into highly employable, competent, and future-proof professionals.