APU and AVERIS Forge Innovative Educational Collaboration


Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) and Averis Sdn Bhd, a leading Global Business Service and Solutions company, have joined hands to establish a dynamic collaboration focused on promoting knowledge sharing and talent development.

Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan (left), Vice Chancellor of APU, and Mr. Lim Ser Yong, Head of Shared Services at Averis, exchanged the signed MoA. 

The partnership was formalised through the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on August 4, 2023, with both parties committing to set forth the key objectives of the collaboration.
In a ceremony attended by Professor Dr. Ho Chin Kuan, Vice Chancellor of APU, and Mr. Lim Ser Yong, Head of Shared Services at Averis, the MoA was signed, marking a significant milestone in fostering knowledge exchange and talent development.
Associate Professor Dr. Jason James Turner, Senior Head of APU's School of Business, and Mr. Wong Chee Yen, Averis' Head of Human Resources, were also present as witnesses.

A group photo of MoA signatories Prof. Dr. Ho Chin Kuan (5th from right) and Mr. Lim Ser Yong (6th from left) with APU and Averis staff. 

In this collaboration, five key objectives to be achieved are the promotion of knowledge sharing, academic mobility and talent development, professional development, training and skills development, research opportunities, and access to talented graduates.

APU and Averis are partnering to cultivate a knowledge-sharing atmosphere, bridging academia and the corporate realm. This collaboration fosters academic mobility and skills enhancement for students and staff, enabling both educational and professional advancement. 

Averis will further enrich its potential leaders by enrolling them in APU's postgraduate programmes. Complementarily, APU will provide specialised courses and micro-credentials, furnishing Averis employees with pertinent industry skills.
The alliance also extends research prospects, allowing APU master's students to devise inventive solutions for tangible business issues encountered by Averis.
The collaboration will also emphasise mutual visits, student and staff participation, and access to each other's facilities and support. Both APU and Averis will engage in joint research initiatives, share curricula and teaching materials, and design new programmes that cater to industry demands.
"We are excited about the potential of this collaboration between APU and Averis," stated Prof. Dr. Ho. "By leveraging our strengths and resources as a Premier Digital Tech University and an award-winning Best Tech University, we aim to equip students and professionals with the skills required to excel in the ever-changing global business landscape."
Lim Ser Yong expressed his enthusiasm, saying, " At Averis, we believe in providing life-long education and upskilling and have been a strong advocate towards learning and development. By tapping into APU’s diverse pool of talents and resources through this MoA, we will enhance the capabilities of our workforce, allowing us to provide best-in-class global business services and solutions.”
The collaboration between APU and Averis will undoubtedly pave the way for groundbreaking advancements in knowledge sharing and talent development, benefitting both institutions and the broader business community.