APIIT-UCTI Sports Carnival 2005 Camaraderie and Fun

Promoting fun and healthy lifestyle through sports, games, competitions and scouting for future talents has been the objective of the APIIT-UCTI Sports Carnival. Organised by the Student Activities and Recreation Council (SARC) of 2004/2005, this successful event was held at Bukit Jalil Sports Village on Saturday, 23 July 2005.

The Sports Carnival had kicked-off several weeks earlier with the Badminton and Bowling Tournaments held at the Golf and Country Resort in Bukit Jalil.

During the Sports Carnival, lively music from the DJ filled the atmosphere on a sunny and cheerful day. A number of sports tournaments and fun-fair games were held. The table tennis tournament saw competition amongst male and female students in the singles, doubles and mix doubles matches. Futsal and basketball matches were fast-paced and intense and there were a large number of participants from staff and students.

There was overwhelming support for the netball match where both student and staff teams showed tremendous eagerness and endurance and in the end, the students came out victorious.

Within the covered Sports Village arena, delicious food and drinks were already well prepared by staff and students.

Amongst the popular indoor games was the Dunk-In which successfully pulled in Mr. Anthony, the Operations Manager of APIIT KL, who found himself soaked to the skin after being gleefully dunked by his own students.

Other games such as the Gladiator, Mount-Ashley and Hit-Me also drew the crowd's attention and participation.

Winners of the various events and tournaments were presented with their well-deserved medals and prizes at the end of the day. In the end, there were no losers - only competitors, camaraderie, and fun time.