Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialism in Financial Technology

APU-DMU Dual Degree Programme

Students who are under Bachelor’s Degree Programme will have the option to opt-in for the APU-DMU Dual Degree Scheme. Under this Scheme, students will receive 2 Degree Certificates & Transcripts upon graduation: 1 from Asia Pacific University (APU), Malaysia and 1 from De Montfort University (DMU), UK.

To know more about APU-DMU Dual Scheme, please click HERE.

Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) receives perfect 5-Stars on Online Learning in the latest QS Stars Rating System

This programme is specifically designed to provide students with:

  • Knowledge and skills in handling financial products, product development and working within the rapidly changing Global Banking and Finance Industry.
  • Opportunities to develop into highly competent managers, who are well qualified not only in Banking and Finance but also other professional areas required for successful business administration and management.
  • Basic technical competency and professionalism on the technology that will transform the delivery of financial services.
  • FinTech knowledge and technical skill relevant to Banking and Finance.


APU's Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialism in Financial Technology degree is designed to provide you with an edge with the latest technologies that are in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0. Being the first university to offer undergraduate programmes related to FinTech in 2018, APU is the pioneered FinTech educator at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels in Malaysia.

CMT Association Partner Academic

APU’s selection as the CMT Association’s Academic Partner Program signifies APU’s strong commitment to students’ career readiness and applied learning. Institutions in the CMT’s Academic Partner Program demonstrate academic rigor in financial courses ranging from quantitative methodologies to behavioral finance, as well as portfolio management and other key aspects of technical analysis.

With this partnership, the two institutions illustrate an innovative solution to the growing demand for student education and career preparedness, while advocating for the advancement of technical analysis.

3 Years (6 Semesters)

Malaysian Fees:
Year 1
RM 29, 600.00
Year 2
RM 30, 600.00
Year 3
RM 31, 800.00

International Fees:
Year 1
RM 32, 000.00
Year 2
RM 33, 100.00
Year 3
RM 34, 400.00

Total: Malaysian - RM 92,000 | International - RM 99,500

• 25 Jul 2024
• 24 Sep 2024
• 21 Nov 2024

Degree awarded by APU, Malaysia

General Requirements
STPM  • 2 Passes in STPM with a minimum Grade C+ (GP 2.33) and a Credit in Mathematics and a Pass in English at SPM Level or its equivalent.
A-LEVEL • 2 Passes (Grade A-D) in A-Level in any 2 subjects, and a Credit in Mathematics and a Pass in English at SPM/O-Level/ IGCSE or its equivalent.
UEC • 5 Grade B’s in UEC including Mathematics with a Pass in English.
MATRICULATION/ FOUNDATION • Passed Foundation programme (minimum CGPA of 2.5) with a Credit in Mathematics and a Pass in English at SPM/O-Level/IGCSE or equivalent.
DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING • Passed Diploma with minimum CGPA of 2.5 and a Credit in Mathematics at SPM/O-Level/ IGCSE level.

Any qualification that APU accepts as equivalent to the above.


International Students

Programmes General Requirements
Banking & Finance
Bachelor (Hons) Degree Programmes
• IELTS : 6.0
• TOEFL IBT : 60
• Pearson (PTE) : 59
• MUET : Band 4

Please note that under Ministry of Higher Education regulations, only students who have achieved the minimum requirement in the English Language proficiency assessment as indicated above will be allowed to continue their studies in the main study programme. 

Students who do not have the required English Language achievement may apply for a student visa on conditional basis and are allowed to enrol in an English Language Certification programme at APU upon arrival in Malaysia and, subsequently, appear for the IELTS/TOEFL/PTE/MUET assessment.

Students who are unable to obtain the required level of English Competency during the maximum 12 months’ period, will not be allowed to pursue their studies in the main programme and will have to return to their home country.

Students from English speaking countries and those with qualifications taught in English (IGCSE, A-Levels, IB, American High School Diploma etc) are exempted from English requirements. Applications for exemption must be accompanied by supporting documents.

Note: The above entry requirements may differ for specific programmes based on the latest programme standards published by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

The qualification and entry requirements for the programmes will be determined based on the "Comparison List of Equivalency of International Qualifications with SPM (O-Levels equivalent) and STPM (A-Levels equivalent)" published by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).


Students will learn fundamental skills required by every banking and finance professional, and the basic understanding of business management and finance. We will also expose them towards business & communication skills, accounting skills and management skills.

Common Modules
  • Quantitative Skills
  • Introduction to Management
  • Business and Communication Skills
  • Financial Accounting 1
  • Business Economics
  • Financial System
  • Financial Accounting 2
  • Essential of Banking & Finance
  • Business Law
  • Marketing


A broader range of skills will be learnt, in which students will gain a better understanding of banking instruments, procedures, regulatory framework as well as overall financial system environment. Students will be introduced to hands-on training on the underlying technologies enabling FinTech solutions. They will also be exposed to the new FinTech solutions namely digital currencies, peer to peer lending and etc. In addition, they will also familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of data mining techniques. We will further nurture their independent learning to prepare them for the workplace and for further researches.

Common Modules
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Financial Technology
  • Banking Instruments & Procedures
  • Financial Planning
  • Enabling FinTech
  • Law of Banking and Finance
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Business Research Methods
  • Financial Management
  • Applications of AI in Finance

Specialised Modules
  • Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technologies
  • Crowdfunding and Alternative Lending


Students will undertake an Internship/ Industrial Training for a minimum period of 16 weeks to prepare them for a smooth transition from the classroom to the working environment


Students will make use of their previous studies and industrial experience to learn about the governance, risk management, and compliance of financial technology and theories as well as the globalisation of banking and finance in Global Banking and Finance. Concept of empirical application of Robo Advisor and Entrepreneurial Finance will also be a target to groom them as a leader in financial technology. A final year project requires them to explore a topic individually - they will demonstrate their academic and practical aspects of their ability in the chosen area of study.

Common Modules
  • Risk Management in Banking and Finance
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Corporate Finance
  • Global Banking and Finance
  • Investigation Report
  • Ethics in Finance

Specialised Modules
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Robo Advisor
  • FinTech Risk Management and Regulations
  • Portfolio Management

Note: The specialism will only appear in the academic transcript.

MQA Compulsory Subjects*

  • Appreciation of Ethics and Civilisation (M’sian Students)
  • Malay Communication Language (Int’l Students)
  • Philosophy and Current Issues
  • Workplace Professional Skills
  • Integrity and Anti-corruption
  • Co-Curriculum

(*All students are required to successfully complete these modules as stipulated by the Malaysian Qualification Agency)

29 Nov 2018 - Fintech modules offered as part of bachelor’s degree - Read more HERE

  • Entrepreneur
  • FinTech Specialist
  • Banking Specialist
  • Payment System Specialist
  • Data Analyst
  • Financial Analyst
  • Product Developer
  • Compliance Expert
  • FinTech Quantitative Developer
  • Strategy Analyst
  • Business Development Associate
  • Data Scientist (Finserv)

APU has been leading the way for its graduates in Professional recognition and exemptions in the areas of Accounting, Banking, Finance and Actuarial Studies. These are valuable not only for moving your career as a full-time professional forward but also for expanding your skills and expertise to become a more well-rounded employee. These recognitions help you become a more desirable job candidate or employee, one who can command a higher salary.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute University Affiliation Program

APU is a member of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute University Affiliation Program. This indicates that at least 70% of CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK) is embedded in our curriculum, and students who have completed our Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) programmes are prepared to undertake the exams leading to the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation, which is the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world. In addition, APU is also eligible to receive a limited number of student scholarships for the CFA Program every year.


Finance is always at the heart of commerce that no one could get rid of. However, the advent of financial technology has disrupted the delivery of financial services. In order to remain competitive in digital banking sphere, banks have started to employ more staffing resources in the digitisation initiatives. Thus, our Bachelor in Banking and Finance (Hons) with a specialism in Financial Technology (one of the first industry-driven FinTech curriculum in Malaysia) will prepare the graduates to meet the needs of a rapidly disrupted Financial Services industry in Malaysia and internationally with the ability to develop innovative ideas and to employ state-of-the art technologies.

Professional Body Partner

All Banking & Finance Programmes are accredited by Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers

AICB collaborates with APU in sharing of leading practices, knowledge and expertise in banking trends and developments through industry surveys, publications and thought leadership initiatives.

All the graduates of Banking and Finance are eligible to be affiliate members of CISI at a discounted price. Affiliate members of CISI will enjoy a suite of benefits, encompassing networking opportunities, continuous professional development, access to resources, and a commitment to ethical standards and professional excellence.

LSEG Financial Database

LSEG was previously known as Refinitiv and Thompson Reuters. Students can get access to real-time financial data via LSEG for analytics and research on par with the financial practitioners.

All Banking & Finance Programmes are empowered by Industry Collaborationrofessional Body Partner


APU is the first University in Malaysia to sign MOA with FAOM to jointly develop future talents to embrace FinTech. FAOM also advises APU in the FinTech curriculum development to align with the industry requirement.