Volunteerism and Animal Care @ Zoo Negara develops Socially Responsible APU Scholars


All participants displayed a remarkable level of teamwork, unity, and dedication towards a shared goal of improving the environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie, and strengthening their bond.

A group of 27 students from Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation’s Forensic & Cybersecurity Research Center - Student Section (FSEC-SS) successfully completed an Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at the Zoo Negara on 7th July 2023.

Dr. Julia Juremi, Ms. Noris Ismail, Mr. Mohd. Hanis Jenalis, Ms. Nik Nurul Ain Nik Suki, Ms. Rizawati Rohizan, and Ms. Zaireeda Mohd. Fauzee from the School of Technology (SoT) accompanied the students.

This ESG activity aims to give back to the community and promote a sense of responsibility in participants through a range of tasks including cleaning, feeding animals, and providing enrichment activities.

Equipped with cleaning tools and a strong sense of purpose, they embarked on their mission to enhance the cleanliness of the Kancil Hall and Tunku Abdul Rahman Theatre within the Zoo premises.

All participants were divided into smaller groups and strategically planned their approach to ensure maximum efficiency. 

They worked diligently to scrap wall paint and remove any litter, debris, and unwanted items from the designated areas.

With their collective efforts and a shared commitment to making a difference, the Kancil Hall and Tunku Abdul Rahman Theatre underwent a noticeable transformation.

Throughout the event, the participants displayed a remarkable level of teamwork, unity, and dedication. 

Their shared goal to improve the environment fostered a sense of camaraderie and strengthened their bond as they worked collaboratively to achieve a common objective. 
The atmosphere was filled with energy, as laughter and friendly conversations echoed throughout the venue.

Apart from the physical impact they made, the participants also understood the significance of their actions in promoting environmental sustainability and setting an example for others in maintaining cleanliness and preserving the natural beauty of Zoo Negara’s surroundings.

Make an Impact

For the participants, the volunteering program can strengthen the relationship between the students involved, in addition to raising awareness and fostering love for the environment and animals.

“We discovered the value of animal welfare and conservation. We also learned a lot about communication and teamwork,” said Liew Kar Yan, a Computer Science (Intelligent System) student.

Chen Lik Ken, a Computer Science (Cybersecurity) student, expressed that the Zoo Negara ESG initiative is the best platform for exposing students to the importance of community involvement in social activities related to volunteering in the city.

“We enjoyed all of the activities. Cleaning and feeding the animals at the Zoo are among the activities carried out,” he explained.

His classmate, FSEC-SS Vice President Yeo Jia Qi, believed that participating in this ESG project influenced students to be braver and wiser in completing tasks because they faced challenging moments when doing cleaning work.

“I would like to thank the management of Zoo Negara for giving us the opportunity and cooperation to make this volunteering program a success,” she said. 

“We are proud of our students’ dedication to ESG. They have made a significant impact in Zoo Negara. The Zoo Negara’s management praised the students’ ESG,” said Dr. Julia, Head of FSEC, who represents all lecturers who participated in this ESG.

“We are extremely grateful to APU and its students for their cooperation. The ESG programme for students is merely one example of APU’s dedication to social responsibility.

“The university also has a number of other initiatives in place. Through our ESG initiatives, we believe it is important for our students to play a positive role in their communities and make a difference,” she concluded.

Overall, the ESG initiative was a huge success. The 27 APU’s FSEC-SS participants exemplified the values of teamwork, responsibility, and environmental awareness.

Through their collective efforts, they left a lasting impression on the overall cleanliness and ambiance of Kancil Hall and Tunku Abdul Rahman Theatre. 

Their dedication and enthusiasm serve as an inspiration for others to actively engage in ESG initiatives and contribute to the betterment of society.