The Top University Goes To.. APU!

We are announced as the Top University at the KPMG Cyber Challenge 2018!

Our teams achieved tremendously, at the recently concluded competition. Among all universities that participated, our students achieved the highest number of awards in various categories, with their outstanding skills and knowledge in the cyber security field.

The challenge was a 4th installation initiated by KPMG, to nurture undergraduates on their ability to develop innovative, real-world cyber security solutions. Apart from the main “Cyber Security Challenge” track, KPMG’s strategic partners, Netpoleon, Google Cloud, FireEye and IET developed different tracks to assess participants on based different technologies. Our students’ have attained awards in the following categories:

Category Placing Team
Cyber Security Challenge National Finals 2nd Runner Up Hashcow
Chong Chih Xien
Alexandr Sukhamera
Imran Esack Dawoodjee
“Engineering & Cyber –powered by IET” track Winner Business student
Turganbaev Asilbek
Aidos Nurekesh
Yeap Zhi Sheng
Ng Yin Herng
Chew Yi Siang
“APT, Malware & Cyber -powered by FireEye” track Winner Comeback is Real
Tan Jit Ming
Alzhan Kaipviev
Maxim Demidenko
Derrick Chan Jiali
Wan Chee Kwan
Top University Award Winner Asia Pacific University (APU)

Based on the highest number of awards achieved by our teams, we emerged as the Overall Champion and are now recognized as the Top University at the challenge! Without doubt, this excellent performance was a result of dedication and effort by the mentors, Dr. Meisam Eslahi, Ms. Maryam Var Naseri, and Mr. Umapathy Eaganathan who have assisted, guided as well as supported the teams towards their success.