Publication on New Straits Times - "New twist to Monopoly"

Team Kenlaydor is inspired to produce a new game based on the classic board game ISLAND hopping on land? Impossible, you say.

But that was exactly what happened at Asia Pacific University in Kuala Lumpur last week. For three days, students took part in a game called Revonopoly which is based on the classic Monopoly board game, but tweaked to suit the campus environment.

Revonopoly was the brainchild of Kelvin Hoe, William Momanyi, Jhon Vinicio and Lee Lih Chin, known as Team Kenlaydor.

The game was played in the university foyer and involved a crew consisting of the banker, the game controllers and players themselves.

“The props used were simple model structures to resemble the real Monopoly game. The game was modified to represent island-based activities like snorkelling and to represent the many islands in the country. Players came across day-to-day awareness like charity funds and the general knowledge questions,” said team spokesman.

For Team Kenlaydor, the hardest part in planning the game was to get all the members together to discuss proposals and to agree to ideas as well as getting media attention and securing sponsors.

“Working as a team was really important especially when solving a particular shortcoming and also in choosing the right and most appropriate decision to make. Planning by trying to forecast what might happen in the future was very helpful and always having a back-up plan worked well,” said the spokesman.

The Masters of Rev Up taught them planning techniques and how to do their best despite the limitations.

Working within the budget and implementing plans was one way of getting things done and avoid mishaps.

Team Kenlaydor: The team members are Kelvin Hoe, William Momanyi, Jhon Vinicio and Lee Lih Chin

The entire article and photo above was published on new Straits Times on Monday, 2 December 2014.