CEO/CTO Series. What Organisations Are Looking for Today in Their People

As the world evolves, we see many changes in the ways businesses operate. Employers now tend to search for other sets of skills beyond the academic qualifications of candidates.<br /> <br /> In our next CEO/CTO series on 22 July at 2.30pm, let’s hear it from Ms. Nadiah Tan Abdullah, the Chief Human Resources Officer of S P Setia Berhad who comes with more than 20 years of HR expertise from both local and Fortune 500 multinationals, focusing on Organisational Development and Change Management.<br /> <br /> Awarded as the HR Best Leader of 2020 by HRM Asia as well as wining multiple regional and global awards for her contributions, her expertise lies in driving Change initiatives focusing on developing the optimum organisational structure, attracting the best talent using creative and strategic channels.<br />