APU’ School Of Computing Bagged Four Silvers At The International Invention, Innovation & Design Expo 2021

Design Thinking, Problem Solving skills and an Innovative mindset set apart winners
3 Final Year Projects (FYP) plus a junior team’s course assignment from APU’s School of Computing, secured multiple awards at the INoDEx 2021. These innovative award-winning projects incorporated automated features; a blend of IoT, Data Analytics and a mobile application; Document Management Systems (DMS) and the voice of Cloe, the first RT600 android (humanoid robot); chatbot assistant tool – evidence of students strong design thinking and problem-solving skills at an international platform.

Individual contestants Choi Ee Yan, Dooshyant Rai Kallychurn and Wong Jen Yin; and Team COVA-Bot comprising Kakimov Batyrkhan, Chong Jian How, Chew Loong Nian and Lennon Leong Jing Ren, all won the Silver Award at the recently held International Invention, Innovation & Design Expo, or better known as INoDEx 2021.
INoDEx 2021 was held concurrently with the 2nd International Conference on Semiconductor Materials and Technology (2nd ICoSeMT 2021), hosted by USM, as a sub-event to promote positive innovation culture and encourage innovation activities from different walks of life. This sub-event had been a great platform for creating opportunities for local and international participants to present their innovations and inventions.
The individual award winners who previously had experience participating in group competitions were mentored by Ts. Dr. Vinothini Kasinathan and Ms T.Tulasi Sathyabama Appalasamy. The junior Team COVA-Bot was mentored by Ms Nur Amira. They are all lecturers from the School of Computing.
The winning projects are as follows: 
“Proctorex: An Automated Online Exam Proctoring System” by Choi Ee Yan, is a web application developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for its front end, and Python for its back end, which enables invigilators to easily monitor students who take part in online exams.

“Washroom Occupancy Tracking and Hygiene monitoring system” with IoT, Data Analytics and a mobile application, created by Dooshyant Rai Kallychurn, could address the issue of long queues and unhygienic conditions in public toilets.

“Smart Track with Intelligent Voice Assistance” by Wong Jen Yin is a web application designed for the company to keep track of the company devices with the Chloe voice assistant.

“COVA-Bot” was developed using IBM Watson which acts as a chatbot assistant tool to help users to find information related to COVID-19 such as the number of cases, the current SOP, and others by utilizing the if-else rules and the semantic network.