An Inside Glimpse to The Actuarial World

Industrial visit to PwC Malaysia by APU Actuarial Science Club.
Looking into the future isn’t about crystal balls, it’s about math and problem-solving skills. Under the guidance of the School of Mathematics, Actuarial and Quantitative Studies (SoMAQS), APU Actuarial Science Club (ASC) got a taste of what the world of actuarial work is like.

On 7th December 2022, the APU Actuarial Science Club (ASC) held an insightful industrial visit and company tour to PwC Malaysia, as well as a sharing session and networking session with the PwC Malaysia actuarial team.

Mr. Kent, PwC's talent sourcing manager, welcomed our students and the managers of PwC Malaysia's actuarial team then led a sharing session, during which Mr. Patrick (Director of Actuarial Professionals for PwC Malaysia-Vietnam), Mr. Faiz, Ms. Sapna (managers of the team), and others shared their backgrounds and career journeys as actuaries. The sharing session also included an overview of actuarial work within the industry and at PwC Malaysia.
After the sharing session, APU ASC had a 30-minute networking session where attendees could ask the actuarial team members questions about their work and their experiences at PwC. The team was very helpful and provided a wealth of valuable information and recommendations.
Several interesting questions were asked during the session, including:
  1. Why do we need to learn some difficult subjects such as Calculus if they are not utilised in the workforce?
  2. What do the industry expect the actuarial students to learn and prepare for IFRS17?
  3. How do employers anticipate actuarial graduates to prepare for their careers?
The event concluded with a tour of the office, where participants were divided into groups and shown around by HR executives. This gave attendees a chance to see the daily working environment and culture at PwC Malaysia.
The club expressed their sincere gratitude to PwC Malaysia for the informative sharing session and office tour and are excited to engage in more similar industrial visits in near future. Kudos to the ASC Committee, Ms. Caryn Chuah and Ms. Zawatil Isyqi for initiating this insightful session with the club!