A Safe Campus

Let’s Get Started! – Welcome to your Safe Campus

     Let’s Get Vaccinated – Keeping You and The People Around You Safe

We are very excited and ready to welcome you back on campus after along a battle against COVID-19 and here are the procedures on how we are making your experience in APU as enjoyable as possible while ensuring your safety are not comprised.


Your Vaccination Status MUST be displayed on your Mysejahtera App – this is the only evidence of Full Vaccination that is recognised under MKN guidelines and we will only refer to this to allow entry into the campus. NO EXCEPTIONS ARE ALLOWED BY MKN

In line with guidelines issued by MKN for all premises nationwide, the definition of full vaccination is as follows:

a. For those who are on the two-dose vaccines (eg. Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sinovac), full vaccination is considered achieved 14 days after receiving the second dose.

b. For those who are on the single-dose vaccines (eg. Johnson&Johnson, Cansino), full vaccination is considered achieved 28 days after receiving the dose.

Vaccination is our best protection and the most effective way to curb the spread of the virus. As we look forward to moving beyond this recovery phase, it is important that we all do our part to emerge stronger together.

APU - Providing a Safe Campus Environment

     Setting New Standards of Safety Among Universities
We are taking every necessary measure to ensure your safety and wellbeing, and that of our entire APU/APIIT community. We are committed to comply with the guidelines on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that need to be in place in Higher Education Institutions to ensure that we all stay safe and to prevent any possibility of infection.


  • Facemasks are to be worn at all times during entry and on campus, except while dining in the cafeteria
  • Physical distance of 1 metre is to be maintained between 2 persons at all times.
  • Physical contact of any sort should be avoided
  • The regular sanitisation of hands is highly encouraged. Automatic sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the campus.


      STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Stay ENGAGED and offer help to the community - share your care with others!

We have established a team of Safety Ambassadors who are made up of friendly, caring and dedicated students and staff from various functional areas. They will be educating, assisting and guiding the APU & APIIT Community on the practice of social distancing, hygiene measures. The Safety Ambassadors will be moving around the campus and will be placed in various locations, to ensure that we stay safe together at all times.

They are our APU Front Liners - Please do follow their guidance at all times, and approach them for any clarifications on the Health & Safety SOPs that are in place on campus.

      GETTING Ready, Staying Prepared

Enhanced Safety Measures on Campus

01: Restricted Entry & Exit Points

Several enhancements have been made to the Health & Safety measures that were already put in place immediately prior to the MCO period. Some of these measures on our campuses include:
      STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Make use of your social media accounts to promote positive stories - #StayPositive

Restricted Entry & Exit Points

Only the following Entry & Exit points will be accessible:
  • Main Entrance at Level 1M (APU)
  • Grand Staircase (APU)
  • Main Atrium (APIIT)
All lifts at Car Park levels will not be accessible at APU (Level 1 & Level 2), and the Cafeteria Level (Ground Floor) at APIIT.

*Please note that the Entry and Exit Points may be revised as needed.

02: Arrival at the Campus

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Verify information before sharing - let's COMBAT FAKE NEWS together

Mandatory Temperature Screening

All visitors, staff and students are required to go through the Thermal Scanners while entering the APU & APIIT campuses. Visitors / Staff / Students who were detected with high body temperature (above 37.5ºC) will be advised to seek medical treatment from the nearest medical centre and will NOT be allowed in the campus.

Thermal Scanning and Random Thermal Checks will be conducted throughout the day at various points on campus.

     Thermal Scanning at all Entrances

Professional Dress Code Policy 

All students are required to adhere to the Professional Dress Code Policy upon arriving at the campus. The Professional Dress Code Policy for Students serves as a guidance to students in making professional judgement in what they wear, where and when. This policy applies to all full-time students as well as ex-students who access the “Official Zones” on weekdays (Mondays to Fridays) between 8am to 6pm. From 6pm onwards, students who access the “Official Zones” need only to comply with the Friday dress code options. This policy does not apply on weekends and public holidays. Please refer to next page for the Guidelines.
Guideline on Professional Dress Code for Students 


Mondays - Fridays

 Long or Short Sleeve Collared Shirts (Tucked-in)

 Slacks, Trousers, Khakis

 Shoes, Loafers, Sneakers, Sports Shoes and Boots

 Office Wear for Males & Females

Friday Options

 Traditional Attire & its accessories (e.g.Songkok)

 APU Clubs & Societies / Activity T-Shirts / APU Official T-Shirts (Tucked-in)

 Collared T-Shirts (Tucked-in)

 Jeans / Pants with Denim material (strictly no ripped / torn jeans material)


Sandals (Males), Slippers, Flip-Flops, Slip-Ons

Short Pants, Revealing Blouses (Bare-back, Off-shoulder, Crop-top, Deep-V, Spaghetti Strap, Tank-top)

Jogging Pants, Cargo Pants, Yoga Pants, Gym Tights / Leotards, Sports Tights


Skort (Shorts with front skirt)

Piercing except for Ears & Nose

Ripped / Torn Jeans

Round Neck T-Shirts

Caps/Hats/Non-Customary Headgear

Dress Code Zones

Official Zones

  • All APU/APIIT Offices
  • Classrooms, Auditoriums & Lecture Halls
  • All Laboratories & Workshops
  • Bursary & Fee Counters
  • Exam Halls
  • Libraries
  • Corridors & Open Spaces within Teaching Blocks
  • Teaching & Learning Spaces & Other Offices for Academic / Official Matters

Leisure & Lifestyle Zones

  • Cafeterias
  • Sports Facilities (i.e. Sweat Zone, Sports Pavilion, etc)
  • Convenience Stores, F&B Kiosks
  • Student Lounges
  • On-Campus Accommodation
  • Residents’ Lounge & Campus Connect Lounge
  • On-Campus Clinic
  • Open Spaces / Areas that are catered for lifestyle & recreational activities

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. DON'T PANIC - if you feel anxious or stressed, reach out to someone

Movement Tracing

All visitors, staff and students are required to Check-In using the MySejahtera application as they arrive at APU & APIIT Campuses. Please ensure that you install the application and check-in using the QR code upon arrival.

For movement tracing purposes, all staff & students are also required to check-in via the APSpace application before entering the classrooms / lecture halls / labs / auditoriums.
     Sanitisation & Use of Face Masks

You are encouraged to bring a pocket sanitiser and wear a face mask while you are at the campus. Hand sanitisers are available at the entry/exit points as well as in the offices and the service counters around the campus.

03: Practice of Social Distancing

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Prevent INFORMATION OVERLOAD - minimize your newsfeed intakes

Health and Safety - Our Priority

The seating arrangements at your classrooms, lecture halls, cafeteria and other facilities have been re-arranged to conform to the principles of social distancing.

Markers & signages have been placed around the campus – while you are in a queue, kindly follow the floor markers to ensure a social distance with the people in front / behind of you.


There is a maximum capacity for all washrooms at the campuses. Some wash basins have been deactivated to ensure social distancing between the users.


All lifts at APU & APIIT campuses have a maximum capacity of 4 persons per trip. Kindly follow the standing positions as indicated on the floor to maintain the social distance while in the lifts.

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. SEEK a BALANCE between your on-screen activities and off-screen moments



Tables & chairs at the cafeteria have been re-arranged to accommodate a limited capacity. Kindly follow the markers on the tables and do not rearrange the tables / chairs while using the cafeteria.

Auditoriums, Classrooms & Lecture Halls

Our auditoriums will be operating at a limited capacity. Seats have been folded and blocked to ensure social distancing. Kindly do not remove the ribbons on the seats and sit according to the allocated arrangements while attending your classes.

Our classrooms and lecture halls will also be operating at a limited capacity. Tables & chairs in the classroom have been re-arranged for the face-to-face classes. Kindly follow the markers on the tables and do not rearrange the tables / chairs while you are attending your classes.

Engineering Labs

All engineering labs will be operating at limited capacity. Students who wish to use Engineering laboratories for research usage are required to make a booking prior to your visit. Some machineries may be disabled to limit the capacity within the labs – kindly refer to the Lab Assistants for guidance. While you are in the lab, please maintain a social distance at all times.

Computer Laboratories

All computer labs will be operating at a limited capacity. Students who wish to use Computer laboratories (after / before class hours) are required to make a booking prior to your visit. Some computers have been disabled to limit the capacity within the labs – kindly refer to the signages on the monitor screens or seek assistance from the Technical Assistants. While you are in the lab, please maintain a social distance at all times.

Design Studios and Workshops

All design studios and workshops will be operating in a limited capacity. While you are in the design studios and workshops, please maintain a social distance at all times.


All seating areas, discussion rooms, sofas and reading zones have been rearranged to ensure social distancing. Kindly refer to the signages on the table / seats while using the Library. Please do not rearrange the tables / chairs / bean bags while using the Library.

04: Regular Sanitisation at ALL Facilities

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Enjoy your ME TIME - allocate moments to watch a movie, play a game or read a book everyday

All classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories and meeting rooms are sanitised daily, as well as after each usage. You may refer to the sanitisation schedule attached at the entrance / exit of the facility for more details. As part of our hygiene and cleanliness procedures, all door handles, lift buttons, tables, counter surfaces and other contact points are being sanitised regularly as well.
     High Touch Surfaces Sanitised Frequently

     Hand Sanitisers

We have installed automated hand sanitisers at the entrance/exits of classrooms on every level and every block of the campus, while bottled sanitisers are available at all service counters - Student Services, Admin, Faculty Offices, Bursary Services etc. Please sanitise your hands regularly, especially after touching the surfaces of common facilities, before eating and after using the washrooms.
     Campus Connect Shuttle

Our Campus Connect shuttle buses are being sanitised regularly. Kindly refer to the signages and markers at the seats while boarding the shuttle buses. You are required to wear a face mask at all times while on-board the shuttle.

05: On-Campus Support

     STAY SAFE TOGETHER. Maintain a HEALTHY lifestyle - eat, sleep & exercise at regular times

Health and Well-being - APU's First Priority

During these unprecedented times, we are committed to ensuring a safe campus environment for our APU & APIIT community. We are a family of 13,000 - everyone is precious. Your health, wellbeing and safety is our priority.


Medical Support

If you are at campus, and you are feeling unwell or are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, kindly visit the on-campus Oceana Clinic (located at Level 4) for medical treatment.

Mental Health Support

If you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or if you would like to seek help from someone, our Counselling Team is available to provide mental health support.

You may reach out to the counsellors by emailing them or setting up meetings using Microsoft Teams. Their contact details are as follows:

Ms. Emily Octavia Mathius - Email: | Teams: Emily Octavia

Ms. Cynthia Shoba Thanaraj - Email: | Teams: Cynthia Shoba

Emergency Contacts

Hotline: 03-8996 1000

Emergency Hotline: +6 017-379 1700 (7am - 7pm) | +6 017-2381300 (7pm - 7am)