A Leadership Encounter for UCTI and APIIT Student Council

The Student Council of UCTI and APIIT, known as the Student Activities And Recreation Club(SARC) experienced its first Leadership and Teambuilding camp organized by the Advisors . The camp was held at Port Dickson and the purpose of the camp was to develop leadership skills through a series of interesting and engaging team activities. The main aim of each exercise was to get students to be able to come to terms with themselves and realize their strengths through team building techniques.

During the camp, the Student Council members learnt about delegation, time management and being of service to others. When time came for everyone to leave, and leave they did without wanting to, one thing was certain. They all had changed in some way or another. Some found peace, some found themselves, and some discovered new found meaning to their youthful college life. Most importantly they all found that they could all be leaders.